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The Irish Tenors - Danny Boy (2006) 1080p H.264 musicfromrizzo
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2019-01-02 20:44:28 GMT
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From the Rosemont theatre:
The Irish Tenors sing "Danny boy" for you!
1920 X 1080 H.264 HDTV video @ approx 4000k video bitrate
192k stereo AC3 audio
There isn't much as yet in the way of HD video of this sort of material
around as yet, it seems. Dunno what everyone is waiting for - that goes for many
great movies too that are still awaiting HDTV or bluray disc release.
Please note we do have complete videos of two concerts by the Irish
Tenors posted here for your edification and enjoyment.
(converted from "The Essential Irish Tenors" DVD) Great beauty
of the spirit can always be enhanced with the right appreciation of
this manner of music taste equally I'm sure.
Thanks for seeding
Michael Rizzo Chessman


Hi, while this torrent seems to have been posted
through just fine - however our pending upload of the music of Meav – The Calling (2013) 320k CD + bonus mp4s musicfromrizzo seems stalled with "upload error 4" kindly see to this - with thanks
I don't know who your 'kindly see to this' message is for, but you could see to it yourself by reading the 'Error - Upload Error 4' thread on the forum, in Site Issues.

When you've read it, and have figured out what you're doing wrong, then you can upload it with no issues, simple. :)
Thanks Spud, I have taken the liberty of doing so before I posted this comment here where I've previously had better luck in having things fixed along the way. My torrent description was rather brief, and in no other way appeared explained by the answers given out generally in the forum section. I've just had the same error a moment ago trying to upload a great Helene Fischer concert for you (1080p) thanks Michael
Hiya michael.. error upload 4 is usually caused by a) the description being overly long, b) too many files in the torrent, or c) having an unusual character like an ampersand in the title.
If you think the description length is a factor, shorten it to the bare minimum and then post the full description in your Account Issues thread, and one of the crew will edit it in for you.
The unusual characters in "Méav Ní Mhaolchatha" may also trigger the error. If you think that's the case, post her name as Meav Ni Mhaolchatha instead. Crew can always correct it afterwards once it's indexed.
Hope you get it uploaded anyway, and please post on the forum if you'd like any help with anything. :)

ps: Gotta love TPB, had to break this comment down into smaller ones because it wouldn't accept my long one. :D